15. 08. 2013.

Random pics Vol.15

 Clothes from these post / Coke for medicine students :) / Beach outfit

 Me on Pannonian Lake / Fav flip-flops / View from my towel

 Hotel Zlača / Clouds / The tree / City park in Tuzla

 Selfie / Merry-go-round / In the car

 My day at the pool

 Not so healthy breakfast / Chilling / Cloud and sunshade / Baklava <3

Today's lunch - Cordon Bleu by my

I think that this is my last post called Random pics,because you are going to be able to follow me on Instagram,very soon. Then,I will rename post like this. Until then...

Your D.

4 komentara:

  1. Ovo me podsjeca na Instagram post :) a ti si to drugacije upakovala....like!

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    xoxo Vesi from:

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